The Reason Outdoors was founded by GWOT veterans to take veterans, first responders, and their children on hunting trips, fishing trips, and other outdoor adventures for the sole purpose of sharing all the healthy and positive reasons we hunt and fish.

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Ryan "Koup" Kuperus spent 17+ years in the Infantry, Reconnaissance, and Force Reconnaissance Communities before being Medically Retired in 2017. He has always had a passion for the outdoors and hunting, and that passion has only grown over the years.

Hunting has helped heal what many therapies couldn't, and since retiring he has enjoyed not only hunting for himself, but in getting others involved in hunting and the outdoors. He has mentored many Veterans hunting, and looks forward to sharing his experience, passion, and hunting abilities with many more in the coming years.


Tony is a 27 year veteran of the Special Operations community. He's been hunting and fishing since childhood and wants to share all the positives hunting, fishing, and just being outdoors brings to his life with other, deserving veterans, first responders, and their children.


Drew is a Coast Guard Veteran who spent his career in the Deployable Specialized Forces community deploying domestically and around the globe in support of Maritime Counterterrorism Operations and Countering Transnational Organized Crime.

Through a love for outdoor activities and a desire to pursue new challenges, he developed a passion for hunting. Every hunt provides a new and exciting challenge. The desire to share the experience with fellow veterans and first responders is the way that he feels he can best serve the growing community of veterans and first responders searching for their next challenge.


Josh, a retired Marine Corps Intelligence and Ground Reconnaissance Officer, is currently an attorney in Winston-Salem, NC, focusing part of his law practice on legal assistance for veterans and veterans’ issues. A lifelong outdoor enthusiast, Josh found solace and a renewed sense of purpose in hunting during his transition out of the Marine Corps, discovering it provided the physical challenge, intellectual stimulation, and camaraderie that he valued in military life. For Josh, hunting is more than a hobby; it’s a therapeutic passion that has been instrumental in his adjustment to civilian life. He has committed to The Reasons Outdoors to share the healing power of hunting with fellow veterans, their families, and our communities.


Mark is an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon in Wilmington, NC. He served at Fort Bragg in the Army Medical Corps providing care for US service members and their families. He sees hunting as an opportunity to connect with friends and family. He chose to be part of Reason Outdoors because it allows him to continue to serve our veterans and first responders.